Monday, December 7, 2009

Judah's Big Top!

Dear Junebug,
Your friend Judah turned 1! Judah's Mommy, your Auntie Ali, put on a circus spectacular to celebrate the occasion. No detail was spared. The whole front yard was transformed into a circus tent, Mommys and Daddys put clown noses on, chili dogs and birthday cake was enjoyed by all. We even got to come home with a goldfish although Daddy wasn't ready for that kind of responsibility so our friend Sheryl adopted the fish and put it in her pond. You got to play with lots of kids in the bouncy ball pit which was awesome. Mommy is fixing up a little ball pit of your own because you loved it so much! Judah was in great spirits and was the hit of the party. But I gotta say, a close second was those pink patten leather baby bloch ballerina flats you were sporting. I mean..... ridiculous.

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