Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mommy Tips: A "proper" Thank You is in order!

Right around the time that Junebug turned 3 months old I gave up on Thank You cards. I know it sounds awful but after 3 baby showers worth of gifts and the barrage of packages that came after her birth I became completely overwhelmed and exhausted with the whole process. The bummer is, I felt so guilty and horrible about not sending proper cards. I'm always so grateful when a gift shows up and to not send a card is just RUDE and not me. So with Junebug's first birthday I was determined to figure out a new plan of action. I decided to write the Thank You card immediately after opening a gift. After all, Junebug doesn't really care about opening gifts. So that's what I did. The first 18 gifts and Thank You's got written... there! done!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Final Party Wrap-Up...

Dear Junebug,
They came, they partied, they tore it up (literally)... faces were painted, tummies were filled, noise was made, bubbles and balloon animals were everywhere, music was pumpin, Mommy is exhausted...but it was all worth it because it was all for you.

From top to bottom: Russell with cousin Che-cho, Gran with cousin Ridley, Grandpa, Rich with Sloan and Ridley, Auntie Susan, Katy Pizzle, Uncle Travis with Uncle Kyle and Aunt Rebecca, Ruby, Marisa, Jude, Cle-o, "Forever Young" Chris, Uncle David and Uncle Bob, Auntie Ali.

The New Kids on the Block

Dear Junebug,
I have news for you... you are no longer "the baby" around here. You have a lot of new baby friends who came out to wish you a Happy Birthday. Meet Scout (the newest at 7 weeks), Max, Enzo, Charlie and Ridley (in order top to bottom). Be nice to them. Let's learn something new - GENTLE!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trend Alert! Party Rings!

Dear Junebug,
I think Mommy did good with her choice of party rings for your birthday bash...they were all the rage. Even your great grandmother Alba and your great great aunt Adilia were rocking Transformer rings! Hooray!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Fashion Police

Dear Junebug,
The li'l fashions at your party were incredible. I heard one guest say "where's the red carpet?"... Your stylist (Ms. Katy Pizzle) did you right with this little Sonia Rykiel red and white number. I loved both Stella and Josie's gladiators and Ruby's multi-colored espies. Mykaila rocked some tule while Ava was a princess in strawberries and facepaint. Devin I love your rainbow cheeks! The boys brought the rock 'n roll - DJ was channeling KISS in that spider-man face while True's rock look is always more John Lennon "peace and love"... Watch out Suri Cruise fashion blog, Junebug and friends are comin up!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Dear Junebug,
Good thing we practiced singing Happy Birthday for a whole month because when it was time to sing to you, you loved it! Apparently you love sugar too! Who knew?
We love you, monkey. And we hope you had the best 1st birthday EVER!
Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Party Checklist...

200 yards of tule - $
12 yards of green and white gingham fabric - $
2 spools of hot pink satin ribbon - $
4 rolls of hot pink streamers - $
300 drinks - $$
3 8X10 outdoor rugs - $$
1 toddler ball pit with 200 balls - Thank you Auntie Ali and Uncle J!
15 empty pinatas - $$
50 noise makers - $
25 maracas - $
12 mexican wrestler headed disco tops - $
50 party rings - $
25 plastic clapping hands - $
25 pairs of neon electro cool plastic sunglasses - $
1 balloon making, face painting artist - $$$
1 bubble machine - $
1 gallon of bubbles - $
10 strands of cafe lights - $$
1 hot pink Nano loaded with an 8 hour Junebug mix (thank you, Uncle Travis!) - $$
3 market umbrellas - $$
1 bucket of baby toys - Thanks for sharing Junebug!
7 bunches of sunflowers - $$
1 happy faced sunflower cake for June - $
1 sheet cake for 100 - $$
1 set designer - $$$
1 handy man - $$$
200 Hugo's tacos, 50 quesadillas, an 18 foot buffet table and 4 employees - $$$$$
3 valet parking ladies and 2 shuttles - $$$$
1 changing table with amenities for our baby guests - $
200 hot pink and yellow paper plates, napkins and cutlery - $$
3 Great Grandparents, 3 Grandparents and 100 of our closest friends and family - PRICELESS!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Your First Birthday Cake! Sorta...

Dear Junebug,
As you know, we celebrated your birthday in Indio, CA during Coachella. Your buddy Cleo and friends decided that just because your birthday party was scheduled one week after your actual birthday you shouldn't go without atleast a mini celebration. They made you an Australian Pavlova which was awesome! It's like a big meringue thing with yummy fruit all over it. Uncle Robbie didn't have a birthday candle for you so we set a little cocktail straw on fire. It was a little toxic smelling but we all survived. It's nice to have such good friends around.