Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mommy Tips: A clean tushie and a good night's sleep

Here are two items that have been completely invaluable - The Sleep Sheep and the Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer.
White noise is so critical to soothing a baby. The noise reminds them of the swooshing sounds inside the womb. The Sleep Sheep is genius because it attaches to the crib or sits in the moses basket and features several white noise options - ocean, running water, whale sounds, mommy's heart beat. They come in two sizes, I used both sizes up (one stayed in crib and one for travel) until June was about 8 months old.
The wipes warmer is great and it prevents diaper rashes. You fill it with either little towels (eco-friendly) or you can get square cotton pads from the pump station; wet them, close it and let them warm up. The warm wipes are so comfortable on the baby's bottom and I prefer to clean the baby with just water - NO CHEMICALS!
Both of these are great gender neutral gifts for your friends too! You can find both at amazon.

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