Saturday, March 6, 2010

No Puff Left Behind...

Dear Junebug,
You can thank your Auntie Ali for turning us on to the "organic puffs" (about 3 bucks at amazon or toys r us). They are by far your fave snack of choice. You've been enjoying all flavors - apple, blueberry, sweet potato, greens and banana. Mommy was very stressed out about giving you old skool snack of choice - cheerios - because they are so hard and could get lodged in your throat (I've seen and heard of this happening). The puffs are great because they melt in your mouth. This allows you to eat them in peace without hard core supervision. They've been great not only in teaching you how to eat and use your little teeth but you're learning how to pick up little things which helps develop coordination. Good to the last puff!

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