Thursday, July 1, 2010


When Junebug turned a year old I started taking stock of all the "things" she had and realized that there were a handful of items that she has used EVERY SINGLE DAY since she left the hospital. I thought I'd share this list in case new Mommies are wondering what are the "must-haves". There are many more things that are needed to get a baby from birth to one BUT i couldn't have lived a single day without the following:

1. Dresser
Invest in a great dresser that serves as a changing table so that when the baby is out of diapers it's still a great piece of furniture. I also prefer this to the rinky, shaky changing tables that are out there.

2. Luna Lullaby breast feeding pillow
Even after I was done nursing, this pillow has been so handy. We now use it every night when Junebug drinks her nighttime bottle and when I was nursing it was invaluable. It's so soft and so comfy.

3. Prince Lionheart wipes warmer
Don't let anyone tell you that a wipes warmer is unnecessary. It's the best! Fill it up with little cotton pads and water and it's a great chemical free way to clean your baby's bottom. Junebug has never suffered from diaper rash and I think this is why. You can also fill it with regular baby wipes from the store or be eco-friendly and use small pieces of cloth.

4. Glider
I love the glider from Serena and Lily but I've also tried the one from Crate & Barrel which is great.

5. Aden and Anais muslin blankets
These are the best swaddle blankets on the market and they are very useful even after swaddling doesn't apply. I don't go anywhere without grabbing one of these blankets. I've used them as a picnic blanket, to shelter from sun, etc.

6. CD player
Music is so important for a baby's brain development. Invest in a nice little CD player and share the joy of music with your baby from the day they are born. Make sure the one you buy has a repeat function. In Junebug's case she sleeps with music on all night which she loves.

7. Orbit Stroller
With so many strollers on the market, I can vouch for the orbit, hands down. We LOVE it.

8. Classical Music
Junebug has not gone one day without listening to classical music. Classical Lullabies is a great disc. She sleeps to it and naps to it.

9. Baby sheep pillow
Junebug has a little pillow shaped like a sheep that sits on her changing pad. I think she has grown very fond of him as she's felt his soft little body under her head everytime we change her diaper.

10. Burp cloths from the Pump Station
I LOVE these burp cloths from the Pump Station. They remind me of the diapers I remember from when I was a kid. These cloths are all purpose and are so yummy.

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