Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mommy Tips: Best Baby Shoes

There's nothing more fun than baby shoes. BUT you must be careful because it's easy to get sucked in and waste a lot of money on shoes the baby will never really wear. After June passed her 1st birthday and was walking full time it was much easier to identify which shoes have been the most beneficial and have gotten the most use. Sure, you can drop a few bills on Gucci or Prada shoes for your baby BUT the picks below might be a better bet!

1. Always look for Circo baby shoes at Target. Good prices and good quality.
2. Me in Mind shoes are great especially if you like vegan choices; no leather here.
3. Baby Converse. A good pair of chucks or one stars. You will use them daily.
4. Trumpette car shoes. Junebug is obsessed with her pattened leather pairs.
5. Robeez. Another solid choice.

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  1. Nice to see the blog up again! I went into a shoe store today with Junebug and she went GAGA! She knows what she likes, too!