Monday, October 25, 2010

Mommy and Daddy went far away...

Dear Junebug,
Your Daddy and I are very protective over you and we can't stand to be away from you. Right around you turning 18 months old we decided that it was finally time for us to go on a trip together and leave you home with Nanny and your Grandparents for the first time. This was very very difficult for us to do. And we didn't just go on a quick little trip, we went FAR away... to a land called INDIA. It was a beautiful, magical place. You stayed home and didn't skip a beat. Mommy was so stressed about it but so relieved to know that your routine is so strong that we don't ever have to worry about going away. We're so lucky that you are such a good baby and we're so lucky that you have such great people around you who love you and know how to take care of you. It took us 33 hours to get home and I was so desperate to see you that every minute was an eternity. Next time maybe we'll take a trip to Santa Barbara!

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