Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I, Me Watch Elmo!

Dear Junebug,
It's so fun watching you trying to master the whole language thing. Clearly you are very anxious to talk and express yourself. You've always had a great vocabulary but grammar and sentence structure, not so much, atleast not yet. My favorite is when you say things like, "I, Me watch Elmo" translation: I'm going to watch Elmo. OR my other favorite, "I, Me carry you" translation: "Carry Me"... I guess derived from when people say, "I'm going to carry you". Either way, I'm not bothered. I actually like it and encourage it. I'm sure that's not the right thing to do as a "Good Mommy" but it's okay. You're going to have the rest of your life to speak correctly. So for now, "I, Me talk like a baby".

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