Friday, November 27, 2009

Yay for Great Grandma Gay!

Dear Junebug,
We had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. I hope you enjoyed your first "turkey day". We spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa's house and you ate a nice big portion of liquified turkey and carrots. It's been a hard week since Lola has been gone but it's important to celebrate the people who are in our lives and not dwell on those loved ones who have passed. Today I was thinking how lucky you are to have 3 Great Grandmothers still alive and well. You loved meeting your Great Grandma Gay this summer and we wish she was close by so we could be with her. I've learned so much from my Grandma Gay. She's got an incredible eye for antiques and is a siamese cat lover, major bird watcher and world traveler. She could tell you great stories... she even used to be a cowgirl! Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and I say we give thanks for our Great Grandma Gay!

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