Thursday, April 1, 2010


Dear Junebug,
Who knew that putting together your 1st birthday party would be so stressful? It's not your fault, of course. I'm bringing it on myself because your Mommy is a crazy, neurotic Martha Stewart wanna-be. When trying to come up with a "look" for the party I've driven myself bonkers. You know it's a fiesta because I gave you a hint before. Just so you know, I'm now dreaming about pinatas... counting pinatas to go to sleep at night... obsessing over PINATAS! I'm blindfolded, trying to hit the pinata and keep missing, I finally hit it, the candy goes spilling everyone but by the time I get the blindfold off and get down there to grab candy - it's all gone! Everyone gets candy but meeee. Wait a minute, was that a dream or a flashback to a traumatic kid's birthday party experience? AAAARGH!

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