Sunday, April 26, 2009


Dear Junebug,

Attached is a photo of you, Lola and the Daddy in the TV room.  Get used to this picture.  Your Daddy likes to watch golf... a lot!  And when he's not watching it, he's playing it!  He eats, lives and breathes GOLF!  I used to get annoyed about the golf on TV because the tournaments are loooong... they go on for hours (crazy) but I finally realized that if you lay on the couch on a Sunday afternoon, open the french doors to get a nice breeze, golf on TV is the perfect soundtrack for an awesome nap.  So just indulge him and treat yourself like Mommy.  Oh, and by the way, whenever Tiger wins, he actually cries.  Yes.  Here is a picture of Daddy with his all time hero, Tiger Woods.


P.S. your Poppie is a cookoo bird for golf too... just warning you.

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