Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mommy Tips: How to introduce baby to the dog

Our dog, Lola,  is everything to us and it was so crucial that she fall in love with this baby and accept her into the family.  We sought out the advice of everyone and we think we found the best way to deal with it.  Go out and buy two cheap-o receiving blankets and two little hats (  Right when the baby is born, wrap the baby in one of the blankets and put on the hat.  Those articles will get the strongest baby smell possible and some other bodily fluids.  We brought those home and put them in Lola's bed so she could sleep with them.  Then we did the same with the second blanket on day two.  When we finally brought June home, we let the dog out into the courtyard, let her smell her (now a familiar smell) on neutral territory; THEN we all walked into the house together.  It is very important not to bring the baby in the house when the dog is still in "guarding the house mode".  Also do not change the dog's routine and we ask all visitors when they come over to acknowledge dog before baby.  Most importantly, don't forget to smother your dog with love and affection!  Dog and baby are very happy.

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  1. Matt will be happy to see this photo, Lola is his priority!

    Such good advice, Lola's been there the longest. WHAT A GORGEOUS PHOTO!!

    Caryn & Matt xx