Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mommy Tips: All hail Dr. Karp!

There is one topic that I never thought I would have to blog about... "The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Dr. Harvey Karp. I thought EVERYONE knew about Dr. Karp and his "5 S's" technique in soothing a crying baby. Well, apparently I was wrong! I keep meeting people that don't so I must share now. If there is one thing you need to watch, listen to, practice it should be this technique because it is a lifesaving God send. I have no idea how I would've gotten through the first 4-6 weeks of June's life without it. Dr. Karp teaches that the first 3 months of a baby's life should be treated like a 4th trimester and that babies don't need to cry for more than 60 seconds. Babies should live in an environment that resembles the womb in order to keep them calm and soothed at all times. This is achieved through the 5 S's... Swaddle, Side, Shhh, Swing and Suck. You start with swaddling and then you go from there. You MUST have this book to survive... Trust. Above is a picture of Junebug swaddled, on her side, white noise coming out of the sleep sheep in her ear (shhhh) and sucking on a pacifier all at the same time... happy as a clam.
P.S. get the DVD over the book
P.P.S.S. I hear his technique on dealing with toddlers is horrible so don't buy that thinking he knows it all. I guess Harvey Karp isn't God but he sure is a genius when it comes to infants.


  1. Key and I totally checked out this DVD, so good. T-minus 10 wks!!

  2. Hello Angelica,

    Thank you for mentioning Dr. Harvey Karp & The Happiest Baby on the Block Book & DVD! A great calming tool in addition to the 5 S’s is our ‘Super-Soothing’ Sleep Sounds CD of white noise which has 5 specially engineered tracks of white noise to help further calm and soothe crying/fussy babies. It is great to use for at least the first 12 months and many parents find it useful for years to come! It helps getting babies into a deeper sleep so they don’t wake up with teething, etc. which begins around 4-6 months of age.

    Dr. Karp’s DVD, The Happiest Toddler on the Block shows simple, but extremely effective ways to teach young children patience, respect, and how to eliminate 50%-90% of tantrums in just days. Dr. Karp highly suggests reading the book in addition to watching the DVD. The book contains additional information and details on topics such as picky eating, potty training, sleep and discipline.

    The Happiest Toddler on the Block DVD is almost as magical for kids age 8 months to 4 years as The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD and Super Soothing Sleep Sounds CD is for babies!!

    Celebrities and professionals alike constantly rave about Dr. Karp's toddler techniques.....

    "The Happiest Toddler is one of the smartest parenting books of the past decade!" -- Kyle Pruett, MD., Professer, Yale University School of Medicine, Past President Zero-to-Three

    "Parents will be delighted by this clever approach to toddlers. It offers a unique view into the way our children see the world." -- Janet Serwint, MD., Professor of Pediatrics, Director of the Harriet Lane Children's Clinic, John Hopkins School of Medicine

    If you have any questions please let us know or for more information please visit,

    Kindest regards,
    Kristen Terry
    The Happiest Baby, Inc.