Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mission Organization Day 3: Playroom

Recently we switched the playroom and nursery rooms. Turns out what was originally the nursery had all the daylight and the playroom was like a dungeon. This started to make no sense. Junebug would go down for a nap and all the sunlight would keep her awake... she also didn't seem to like hanging out in the playroom at all! The new layout is great as the new nursery is dark and cozy while the playroom is sunny and fun. However, I misjudged how much work it was to swap these two rooms and as a result things were just thrown into the playroom closet. It was a disaster... but disaster no more. It took about 5 hours of focused work time but I think it's finally in a good place.


  1. where'd you get the white wire baskets that the balls are in? thx!

  2. hi amy - the wire baskets are from the container store. the blue buckets are from target. hope you get this message. i don't know how to email you directly. thanks for reading!