Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mission Organization Day 6: Hoarding

My husband calls me a hoarder. Okay, so I like to keep things. BUT - I tuned into that show on TV, "Hoarders" and I saw people who sleep on chairs because they can't find their beds because they are under piles of 22 years worth of newspapers, dirty dishes and cat carcasses... I'd like to think my "hoarding" looks a little different. Like for example, I like to keep nice ribbons from birthdays and Christmases. I like to take soap from hotels (that basket above is about 15 years worth of business trips) and I never throw out make-up. I must admit the make-up all over the place was getting bad so I bought these handy-dandy jars from Cost Plus World Market and separated the make-up into three categories: Face, Lips and Eyes. Voila! Hoarding at it's BEST!

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