Friday, March 25, 2011


Dear Junebug,
Boy are you obsessed with brushing your "tee-f"! Every day you point at the "tairs" to go upstairs to Mommy and Daddy's bathroom. Then you point at the sink and demand "tee-f, tee-f!" Okay, okay... we'll brush our teeth! Then you start going, "Mama, Mama, pink, pink!" That's my cue to brush MY teeth with the pink toothbrush. While I appreciate your concern over Mama's oral hygiene, I haven't even finished drinking my coffee! OY VEY! The other day I tried to turn you onto a great thing called dental floss. That way, we can floss together and it won't ruin my morning caffeine routine. Cut Mommy some slack! Please? or as you say it, "o-pwee-ss"?

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