Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mommy Tips: Flying the Friendly Skies!

Tomorrow Junebug is taking her first plane ride... oh the stress! I posted my feelings on my facebook page and to my surprise many of my friends had things to say. There were a lot of helpful tips and advice so I thought I better share. I'm sure I'll have more to say on the topic after it's over. As my friend Jodi posted, "you only have to go through this once"... so true... that's the beauty of "first times", isn't it?

1. Dress baby for the occasion with a sassy tee (see pic above) - purchase at
2. During take off and landing make sure you either breast feed or give baby a pacifier to prevent that whole ear popping thing. Remember babies can't chew gum like you.
3. Bring a few Starbucks cards to gift to helpful and/or patient travelers around you. (good karma!)
4. Bring earplugs to hand out to people in the event your baby is a screaming maniac (Nicole's idea although she says I won't need it but will feel better if I have them).
5. Rit said - she has her own seat, correct? the FAA recommends that children have their own seat (and appropriate car seat) but the NTSB wont allow them to make it mandatory since it will force more families to drive...which is statistically more dangerous. Ah...what you pickup hanging around pilots. - Good one!

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  1. My baby boy Cameron just became a frequent flyer... I would add to your list.
    Bring a plastic bag for the poopy diapers!!!Of course he always had a major one once we were on the plane.