Monday, July 6, 2009

Mommy Tips: The Hospital Bag list.

As the boy scout motto says... Be Prepared. It's a good thing that I had my hospital bag ready a good three weeks before Junebug's due date because little did I know that I would be rushed to the hospital with 103 fever and a kidney infection 2 weeks before my due date, induced 3 days later, etc., etc. The first rule of your "birth plan" is... be ready to throw your "birth plan" out the window! I had to. It wasn't easy to accept but I had no choice. Knowing that my suitcase was all ready to go was a HUGE weight off my mind the day my doctor said, "meet me at UCLA Medical Center in 30 minutes".

Here's THE list:
  1. Insurance card
  2. cell phone with charger
  3. camera with charger
  4. video camera (flip for "the flip" it's only about $100 and amazing)
  5. 2 pairs of white sport socks
  6. lip balm or lip stick
  7. music - always check with hospital if they have cd players or ipod docks
  8. toothbrush and toothpaste
  9. hair brush and hair ties
  10. perineum kit (very important): 2 bottles of vitamin E oil, 2 bottles of witch hazel, 1 can of dermoplast spray (the red top which is hospital strength) and a 12-24 size 3 diapers (that's right-these are for YOU not the baby... you are going to bleed ALOT and the pads they give you at the hospital don't do the trick) AND request a sitz bath and peri bottle from the hospital that you can use while there and take home.
  11. 6 bottles of smart water or gatorade
  12. 4 protein bars
For Postpartum stay:
  1. Toiletry bag
  2. Nursing pillow
  3. Robe and slippers
  4. 2 nursing bras
  5. Nipple cream
  6. Disposable nursing pads
  7. 2 piece outfit to go home in as you may need to stop the car to nurse (maybe)
  8. don't worry about undies as the hospital provides you with special hospital undies
Items for Baby:
  1. If you have a dog bring two inexpensive cotton beanies and two receiving blankets and two ziplock bags (see my post about how to introduce dog to baby)
  2. Baby care log (provided by doula or doctor)
  3. Small bottle of safflower oil
  4. Purell
  5. Alcohol and q-tips for umbilical cord care
  6. A tube of Aquaphor
  7. Going home outfit
  8. Outside blanket and beanie
  9. Nail file
By the way - big thanks to our friend Shana from Burton for sending me this amazing suitcase - it's called the Gravis and it's the best!

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  1. Hi,

    I am Christina Muzquiz's sister and I actually printed your list before I went to the hospital to give birth to my daughter. I look forward to your posts every week. Keep them coming!

    Henny Marquez Andress