Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mommy Tips: Ladybugs!

Boy did I luck out when my friend Lisa told me about buying Ladybugs in bulk! I had no idea you could buy 1,000 ladybugs for 6 bucks! Given the Elmo's World and bugs theme of June's party it made perfect sense to tie 'em up with a ribbon and send some real live bugs home with the kids. I found these great little plastic storage containers at the 99 cent store. It did take about 2 hours to poke holes into all 40 lids and put a tiny bit of Easter grass in there along with tying the ribbon around the containers AND of course wrangling ONE THOUSAND ladybugs was not as easy as it looked. I had ladybugs in my underwear by the time I was done but it was worth it. The kids LOVED them! (except for maybe Ledger who looked a bit perplexed by the matter) It was fun and inexpensive to pull off.

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