Friday, May 6, 2011

The Party Checklist 2...

After last year's extravaganza I promised myself I would just order some Domino's Pizza and hit a public park but alas that all fell by the wayside. So I'm sharing all the elements that went into Junebug's Elmo's World themed 2nd Birthday...

- Lardon truck: Junebug loves some bacon. Who doesn't? Check them out at
- Balloons: Balloon Celebrations in Santa Monica can do just about anything and will actually refill your balloons for free; nice people... Kinda pricey though.
- Craft Table: get all your supplies at Michael's.
- Tattoo Table: You can order hundreds of tattoos for just a few bucks at
- Bubble Guy: info TBA
- Bug People: info TBA
- Center pieces: Butcher paper, Mason Jars from Smart & Final in 3 different sizes, ribbon from downtown, flowers from the flower mart and crayons and chalk from the 99 cent store.
- Elmo bouncer:
- Parting gifts: ribbon box full of ladybugs. Plastic boxes from 99 cent store and lady bugs from Armstrong Nursery.

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