Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mommy Tips: Veggies Revolt!

June became obsessed with the Sesame Street Episode called: Veggies Revolt. It's the one where the veggies go on strike and revolt because they feel downtrodden and disrespected. The one restaurant patron says something like, "What do you mean, I love vegetables" and the ringleader Broccoli with the bullhorn screams, "Oh YEAH? MR. TUNA SANDWICH, HOLD THE LETTUCE?!" It's hilarious... as a result, June loves watching this episode and eating her veggies, her favorite is "okie" (broccoli). Why is it not a surprise to me that she relates the most to the ringleader Broccoli character? She also likes "Anderson Cucumber" who's reporting on this situation for VNN (Veggie News Network).
Please note: to watch this episode just google "veggies revolt", comes right up.

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