Monday, June 29, 2009


Dear Junebug,
I want you to know that in life, having good girlfriends is very important. Your girlfriends will be with you through thick and thin and you will have all kinds of fabulous adventures with them. You are very lucky to call little Miss Ruby your first girlfriend. She is 9 months older than you and I'm sure you are going to be having a lot of fun together soon... right now she just wants to grab you and squeeze you (a little too hard)... whenever we pull you away from her she starts to shake (it's very cute). Ruby is such a lovebug who is always full of smiles and big smushy, yummy cheeks... she's a big bundle of energy too. Did I mention she's quite a little baby fashion maven? I mean... who can rock rainbow striped leggings and a purple zebra print baby doll top like this?! Someday I'm sure you'll be raiding her closet... Ruby's Mommy let's me raid hers on special occasions.

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