Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mission Organization: Day Seven - The Perfect Diaper Bag!

My friend Noel Cianci started a bag line called Gypsy Style and I find her stuff the makings of the perfectly organized diaper bag. First of all, the bags are made of eco-friendly, 100% recycled plastic material (post-consumer plastic soda bottles and wrappers) and their signature fabric is weightless. Don't get me wrong, a backache from a Gucci bag is okay now and then but day to day you want weightless! My favorite style for a diaper bag is the "gypsy tote" which is $45.00. But what's even more exciting are the "travel tote" pouches which I use to organize the contents of the bag. I use three... one for diaper stuff, one for food/snack stuff and a third for a change of clothes. Throw a couple of toys/books loose in the bag and you're good to go. I also finally made hang tags for each pouch so that when I'm rushing out the door I have a check list in front of me and never forget anything (my goal is laminated tags but I'm not there yet). I love it when I'm at a restaurant and need to go handle a diaper change, I just grab the pouch with the diaper stuff and don't have to drag every single thing into the bathroom. I'm also not scrambling in the bottom of the diaper bag for a wipe. Make your own checklists and never find yourself out and about freaking out because you forgot something! It's happened to me so many times... no more.

My lists:
Diaper pouch
5 diapers
2 poopy bags
1 tube of diaper cream
2 soft cloths
1 travel size hand sanitizer
1 disposable changing pad

Food pouch
Elmo crackers
Sippy cup with water
Bottle with milk

Emergency Clothing pouch
2 pairs of leggings
2 t-shirts
2 pairs of socks
1 pair of sunglasses

Cell phone
2 books
2 toys

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