Sunday, January 2, 2011

Product Test: Baby Bouncers

At a recent dinner party with my girlfriends, we got on the topic of baby bouncers. Everyone thinks they're a God-send especially if you have a baby that doesn't like to lay down. BUT my friend pointed out that bouncers are the cause of hip problems for babies and it is not good for them. I seem to recall when we first got one for June that our pediatrician told us not to leave her in there for longer than 10 minute periods. She might've even said only ten minutes per day!!! I don't remember exactly, June hasn't used hers in almost a year at this point. I've tried to research this online but can't really come up with a good conclusion. Like all parenting choices, it's just that... it's a choice everyone has to make. But I'd like to say don't feel guilty for putting your kid in a bouncer. After all, everyone needs a break.

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