Sunday, May 17, 2009

To pierce or not to pierce...

Dear Junebug,
I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica where it is customary to pierce little girl's ears right when they are born.  My ears were pierced when I was a week old (see picture of Mommy as a baby above).  I really wanted to pierce your ears... I thought a really cute pair or teeny, tiny diamond earrings would have been so cute on you and it's always a plus when people don't ask if you are a boy or a girl, right?  But your Daddy was out of his mind about it... he just wouldn't have it.  He very rarely puts his foot down about anything (FYI).  But for some reason piercing your ears just put him over the edge.  I guess you'll have to fight with him later about when you are allowed to have your ears pierced.  Just so you know, I am fine with you doing it whenever you want, after all, who am I to complain about pierced ears?  BUT don't EVEN come to me about a pierced tongue, belly button or anything else for that matter... 

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  1. Junebug, I want you to tell daddy, little girls often have their ears pierced in the hospital before they leave if the mom wants it done. Your mommy had them done a week old.

    My abuela told me when I was little that it is considered a sign of love and devotion to a baby girl to have her ears pierced as a newborn. Often little gold balls or red stones are inserted soon after the piercing to show the baby girl is loved in a male dominated culture.

    Speaking of culture and tradition the Godmother, my "Madrina" pierced my ears at 3 days old when I came home from the hospital. You become the Madrina of a baby when you pierce the baby's ears. My godmother was very poor and just pierced mine with a sterile needle and a piece of red silk thread tied in a knot. When I was a week old, ohers gave her money to buy and put a pair of gold balls in my little ears like your mommy. Everyone knew I was a little girl when they saw me and in my pictures.

    Tell daddy all of your mommy's family would be very pleased if he changed his mind and let you have your ears pierced soon. I think it is a nice tradition to have newborns/infants ears pierced to show they are loved by all, don't you?