Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I miss "the bump"...

Dear Junebug,
You've been out in the world for 4 weeks now and we've been having a great time with you.  You are 6 pounds of pure heaven.  This is no surprise to me as you were an amazing baby even in the womb.  As a matter of fact, I kinda miss "the bump".  It was very comforting to know you were always with me and always safe.  I got a kick out of your kicking... and your daily hiccups were a gentle reminder that you were alive and well.  It was no surprise to see how much you extend your little arms and legs now because I could feel you constantly stretching inside my belly.  
Being pregnant was one of the best times of my life and I'm not sure I was ready for it to end.  This morning as I was trying to feed you and you were fussing and kicking and hitting me in the face (I'm sure it was an accident), I had a realization - as awesome of a baby as you are, you've got to admit, you were waaaaay lower maintenance as a fetus.


  1. That is adorable Angelica!

    Always reading your postings,


  2. There's an easy way to get that feeling back again you know... Give it a few months though.