Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mommy Tips: In Defense of the Boob

I'm surprised to find that people still argue and debate about whether to breast feed or not.  If you can't, you can't but if you can, you should.  But ultimately, every mother should choose wisely and go with their heart and as long as you do that, either decision is a good one.  I'm shocked at what a militant breast milk lady I've become, LOL.  It sure takes a lot of diligence, patience and hard work but I feel like I have no excuse since I'm on maternity leave for 3 months and my sole job is to look after this munchkin.  So here are my top reasons why I'm breast feeding and if you are a new Mommy on the fence, I hope this helps.  By the way, you can find me at the Pump Station and Nurtury breast feeding support group starting next week... HELP!

Breast feeding is a plus for Baby:
-  reduces their risk for developing allergies
- reduces their risk for ear, respiratory and intestinal infections as well as lowers their rate of constipation and diarrhea
- reduces their risk of juvenile diabetes, obesity, hypertension
- requires less energy on the part of baby for digestion
- sucking on the breast releases calming hormone in the baby

Breast feeding is a plus for Mommy:
- less Doctor visits for baby means working Mom doesn't have to miss as much work
- breast feeding burns 750-800 calories per day
- formula fed babies have more gas and stinkier diapers (I don't like stinky diapers)
- breast feeding releases oxytocin hormone in the mother's brain which helps to calm and relax
- breast feeding causes contractions that help return mother's uterus to it's pre-pregnant state faster and also reduces prolonged bleeding

Good resources: La Leche League International ( and The Pump Station and Nurtury (

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  1. Good post Angelica! I'm all for it, I know it helped my Elisa! And the "diligence, patience and hard work" you mentioned is so true. Her mom worked so hard through its ups and downs. Showed me the strength and appreciation for all the moms doing it! One other BIG benefit for doing it besides all the good health and bonding stuff listed...$$$$! Formula is outrageously expensive! If you can do it, do it! You go girl!