Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mommy Tips: There's a new pack leader in town!

It's time to shed the baby weight and I don't think trolling the aisles at Target is going to cut it!  So I decided to join in on the daily dog walk with my husband and our dog, Lola.  This has become beneficial not only for me but for our dog.  If you ever watch Cesar Milan (the dog whisperer) you know that the best way to create a happy, well adjusted, mellow dog is to make the dog part of a "pack" AND by establishing another person as the "pack leader" the dog doesn't feel as much pressure to protect its family, leaving the dog the freedom to just be.  This is especially necessary during walks when the dog can be overcome with anxiety and the need to protect against every single thing that comes into radar.  I decided to make June the new pack leader.  Our dog Lola now walks behind the stroller and I have seen a huge difference in her demeanor.  She's so mellow on the walk and everyone gets exercise and fresh air.  Now that June is the pack leader, Lola feels safer when she's around the house, instead of afraid of her which is always a plus.  Awesome! Gotta love the dog whisperer!

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