Monday, June 8, 2009


Dear Junebug,
We love our cousins.  When you were two weeks old you got to meet Josue David who is your four year old second cousin.  He loves you... he always says "she's adorable" when he sees you.  Well, last weekend he came to visit again but he's changed his name.  He's informed everyone that he now goes by "Dave".  We like this kid's chutzpah!  When Mommy first heard the news of this she was in the middle of drinking a glass of iced tea and it started to come out of her nose!  Thanks for the laughs, Dave! We love you and your big saucer eyes.

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  1. Well, well I can confirm that "Dave" really loves and adores June but again what's not to love of this little piece of Heaven. June always remember that Dave, Sergito, Uncle Sergio and Aunt Ori are praying for you,that you might become the woman God wants you to be and continue being a blessing to everyone around you WE LOVE YOU. Give a kiss to your mommy and a big hug to your daddy

    The Guzmans