Friday, June 5, 2009

Inquiring minds wanna know...

Dear Junebug,
We always look forward to Wednesdays because my assistant Nik sends over all my magazines for the week.  You are lucky that your Grandma likes to read the weeklies to you.  Now you know that Melissa Joan Hart lost 42 lbs. and you are up to date on whether Jon and Kate plus 8's marriage is going to survive!  Do you think it's true that Brangelina are fighting? Hmmm...

P.S. note to new Mommies - I learned in my child development class that it is true that you are supposed to read to your babies from day one but it doesn't mean read them baby books.  It means they need to hear language as much as possible so go ahead and read your favorite summertime, beach blanket novel or the morning paper out loud.  They will benefit greatly and you won't lose your mind ready "Goodnight Moon" to a baby who doesn't even know what the heck you are talking about!

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