Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Under Pressure...

Dear Junebug,
My commitment to you is that you have Mommy's milk as long as humanly possible.  We're 6 weeks in and so far so good.  My goal is to feed you this liquid gold for 6 months to a year.  This will be difficult when I go back to work but hardly impossible (nothing is).  The key will be to freeze as much milk as possible and I think I'm finally making some progress.  We've got 6 more weeks to do it.  I've also been going to breast feeding support group at the Pump Station which has been great.  It's nice to be around other women who are experiencing some of the same frustrations that I am.  I wish I could say that feeding you is easy but it's not.  For starters, you refuse to open your mouth!  It is cute when you purse your lips together as tight as can be BUT at 4 in the  morning when you are screaming hungry it's not so cute.  You also flail your arms and legs around ALOT.  Your Grandfather thinks you are happy to be free and should be left to be but I'm more inclined to swaddle you so that you and I can feed in peace.  I'm doing the best I can, I promise.  One thing I plan on teaching you is that patience is a virtue so I will be continue to practice what I preach.

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