Monday, June 22, 2009

Mommy Tips: I'm a 34 WHAT?!

Two weeks before I gave birth to June I went nursing bra shopping because it was time to put together the "hospital suitcase" and nursing bras were on the list.  As I browsed the boutique at the Pump Station I steered clear of the sports bra looking bras and went straight for the underwire.  I explained to the sales woman that I'm the maniac that wore an underwire bra throughout my entire pregnancy (I live support! it makes your waist look smaller).  But she wouldn't hear of it.  She said that she could only recommend the sports bra types that come in S, M and L because I would have no idea what my bra size would be until after June was born.  Okay.  I trust them, so off I went with an L black one and an L nude one.  I realized recently that I was in dire need of some structure, the milk's been in for awhile, so I headed back this time determined to get me an underwire!  First of all, I was shocked by the prices of an underwire nursing bra but whatever, it's worth it.  After the lovely sales woman measured me she sent me into a dressing room with a bra which was easily too small.  She said "no problem let me get you the next size up"... "here you go, here's a 34G"... WHA WHA WHA WHAT?! 34G?! I quickly checked the tag inside. yup.  When I called my Mom in tears, her consolation was "people PAY to have boobs that big! no reason to cry".  I think she was crying too (tears of laughter!)  I guess I've officially graduated from boobs to JUGS.  I wonder if my daughter will ever appreciate that I walked around with these ridiculous melons coming out of my chest for her!  Somehow I doubt it...

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