Monday, June 22, 2009

We love the Daddy!

Dear Junebug,
Yesterday was our first Father's Day and we got the chance to celebrate and honor your Daddy.  We had a BBQ and you enjoyed the breeze outside.  I hope you never take your Daddy for granted because he is one of the greatest men walking the earth.  He loves you so much... remember that for the moments when he seems to be working against you.  Daddy is a cool guy who will support you in whatever makes you happy but you can probably expect him to hold you to cleaning your dishes and not dating until you are 18. That's a ways off... for now just enjoy all the things he does for you.  He wakes up in the middle of the night to feed you and cuddle you; changes your diapers; plays with you; sings to you and most important - he loves, cherishes and takes care of your Mommy which gives her the inspiration and energy to take good care of you.

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